Creative Camp (four 4-day weeks)

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Creative Camp (four 4-day weeks)


We are offering something special. Our new Creative Camps for kids ages 7-14 will change your children’s lives forever. You can sign up for the entire 32-session course or just a single day…or anything in between. Please read the info below:


Students: Kids ages 7-14

Teachers: Artist and owner Kristi Kennimer along with her staff and guest teachers


Each day we will follow a curriculum that enriches your child’s soul, lifts them up, enhances their creative thinking and changes their approach to problem solving. The idea is to expand from thinking from one portion of the brain to become whole-brained. This 8-week camp has a strategic arc of teaching that develops the child over the 32-sessions, but also can be enjoyed as if it was designed to be several single-day sessions.


Summer 2019


10 am - 2 pm

  • June 10-13

  • June 17-20

  • June 24-27

  • July 8-12

  • July 15-18

  • July 22-25

  • Aug 5-8

  • Aug 12-16

You can sign up for the entire 32-session course, or just by the day, or anything in between.


Scarlet Reagan Gallery + Events

5812 Live Oak St.

Dallas, Texas 75214


When artist Kristi Kennimer was young, she was chosen to be part of a very select gifted and talented program called SAGE (Selective Academic Gauged Education). In that program, she learned to put her creative mind to use, not only for art and creative projects, but also for everyday problem solving, strategic thinking, and to boost intellectual horsepower. It is our mission to use these teachings as well as our own favorite experiences to host a creative camp that will unleash every child’s gifted side.


  • Pack a lunch (or eat what we serve)

  • Wear clothes you don’t mind getting paint on

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